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Helping companies express themselves accurately in both Chinese & English.

We translate many things

What we translate

Product branding & descriptions
Film & video scripts
Film & video subtitles
Novel translations
Game localisation
Technical product manuals
Resumes & invitation letters
We are bilingual

What we specialise in

Native translation

English is our first language, Chinese is our mother tongue.

Product branding

Market your brands and products more effectively by speaking local.

Game translation

We are gamers and we work with gaming studios to localise their games.

We are trusted partners

What our clients say

The team produced highly professional work and surpassed our expectations in terms of quality and efficiency. It is clear they love what they do and are truly passionate about using their bilingual abilities to empower their customers.

Susan Li

Great communication. And I love how the translations are not literal. They understand what we are trying to express rather than translate blindly word for word like the other translators we have worked with before.


We are experts

Why choose RubyTranslate

Avid writers

We love reading and writing, making us more acutely aware of the nuances of each language.

Privacy first

We respect customer privacy and ensure all documents remain confidential.

Bilingual natives

As bilingual native speakers, we can communicate with both English and Chinese clients easily.

Passionate linguists

We love both Chinese & English, we enjoy helping people understand content in both languages.

Fast turnaround

With our experience, we can provide quick results to meet your demands.

Global service

We are able to provide translation service regardless of where you are from.


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Years of experience
We don’t bite, really

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